Association leaders rightfully endeavor to achieve a ‘zero’ balance on their financial statements. Negative balances are not a pleasant sight. Not-for-profit organizations obtain a tax free status as their main purpose provides an important service to either industry or professional communities. At the same time, creating financial resources that provide needed programs, education, as well as extensive membership services, becomes a bigger challenge.

We provide the knowledge and resources to help organizations achieve their financial expectations. One of our client groups grew from a $200,000 operating budget to an annual $1 million, with a trade publication that now sells advertising independent of solicitation. This publication creates $90,000 in revenue generation to provide services to the industry. Electronic access to this resource is now on-line after the printed version serves its life expectancy within the industry.

  •  Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  •  Financial Budgeting, Analysis & Management
  •  Financial Planning, Short-Term & Long-Term
  • Fundraising
  •  Generating Revenue Resources
  • Investment Management
  • Reserves Development
  • Safeguarding Assets
  • Security (with 24 hour surveillance)