These are examples of successes that have dramatically changed the future of an association through our involvement. These are based on true experiences involving AE Management’s team of experts. Referral to one of each group’s directors can be provided in confidence by contacting us.

 National Trade Association: A national ‘umbrella’ association that provides a desirable service was faced with the aftermath of economic downturn in the industry. Their membership drastically dropped in each of the affiliated, provincial organizations that provided the only source of income for the national office.

 After approaching AE Management for assistance, their membership increased dramatically with comprehensive membership services and non-dues income generation. This evolution involved changing the perception of the members’ industry audience through arbitration programs, publications, communication, and trade event development.

 Biological Threat: As we all know, Toronto was faced with an unfortunate turn of events from the devastation of 911, an epidemic outbreak, and animal health issues (beef & poultry). This changed consumer and business confidence. As expected it also impacted on membership or delegate participation levels for some associations. It changed the way of doing business.

 Our team created a forum with key suppliers. Working together we found ways to deal with the issues through strength in numbers. We were instrumental in changing, on a short-term basis, price structures with suppliers (booths, audio visual, hotel rates, food & beverage, etc.) to create a win-win scenario for everyone. By providing appropriate selection of foods, bio-safety precautions & training, security measures, increased selective communication, and reduced costs we were able to face these new challenges with confidence. Statistics on attendance stayed status quo or increased during these unforeseen developments. This helped both our clients and our suppliers prevent a loss of business income. Today, these relationships have further strengthened negotiations of supplier contracts for our client groups.

 Provincial Trade Show: A provincial organization was faced with dwindling membership coupled with their trade show venue contract nearing expiration. This venue also provided offices for many of their corporate members. Their lower numbers didn’t provide enough bargaining strength to renew their leases at an affordable rate for the industry.

 Through AE Management’s assistance, this organization now operates Canada’s premier trade show in its sector. Their operating budget changed from $250,000 annually to $1 million boasting many industry services geared to their members needs. Part of the solution involved moving the trade show to an open booth concept with easy access. Following this, corporate members were grouped by commodity to afford a new venue for their office location. A location that today continues to increase in size as well as stature. Both the trade show and the non-transient showrooms co-exist with shared benefits.

 National Professional Association:  A national association of medical professionals faced increased membership and membership needs. They outgrew the provision of a part-time employee working from home. They were faced with a strong resistance from members to pay more for fees in return for the services being provided. To add to the problem, the members’ level of income coupled with professional licensing fees constricted fee structures. They did not have a web site or a means to create electronic based services that would be more cost-effective.

 With AE Management’s assistance, a full association administration was set-up cost-effectively. Members happily became involved in research projects that benefited medical suppliers. In return for the participation of the association, through highly respected experts from the membership, medical suppliers were willing to provide research grants and sponsorships to the national association. These sponsorships provided a non-dues source of income to offset administrative costs. These grants provided a situation that changed the overall perception of the national association’s involvement in the medical community. Journals were produced, syllabuses created, and larger simultaneous conferences evolved. Members increased their own self-assurance through participation and networking. This national organization continued its growth with the formation of a professional designation/certification program.