Association and event management

AMC stands for Association Management Company. AMCs provide an alternative for associations at an affordable cost. It provides an entity for the organization to facilitate membership and non-member services

Organizations only pay for what they need — nothing more, nothing less. Our expert staffing comes at a cost that incorporates strength through numbers. Your organization joins a team that already has an infrastructure in place. This provides immediate resources without outlaying capital. No need to hire employees, rent office space, produce internal meeting space, produce employee benefit programs, or the technology. Day to day office expenses are charged on a usage basis (direct costs only) for photocopies, long distance, postage without the burden of paying for the equipment – the overhead! Your event costs can also benefit from our extensive network of suppliers that understand we have strength in numbers.

Alternatively, organizations that already have an infrastructure with employees can benefit from some of the selected services offered at a less expensive cost. For example, one of our client groups hires our firm to organize their educational symposiums. They have staff in place at their headquarters, but rely on our expertise to produce the highest quality symposiums that place them ahead of their competition.